Bow Technician

I grew up in a family full of hunters and watched my dad come home and tell me all about his day out hunting and would see him in camo and I just really wanted to be just like him so when I became of age he took me out hunting and I was immediately hooked I was 10 when I shot my first bow and bow hunted since I was 13. I shot my first deer with a muzzleloader at 14 and shot my first bow harvest was a 8pt buck and I remember it was a total different hunt I was immediately hooked on bow hunting and I’ve been bow hunting ever since and never looked back.

Andrew Gilman

Bow Technician

Hi, my name is Andrew Gilman, I’m 17, and currently a Senior at Middleboro High School. I started archery at the age of six following my brothers birthday party held at Reedys Archery in 2006. Since that day I have been hooked on not only the hunting aspect of archery, but the work that goes into each and every set up. Unlike most who learned the sport through their family, I’ve learned everything I know through self teaching and spending numerous weekends around the Reedy’s work counter. It is because of this, I consider it to be my second home. I take pride in learning all that I can in order to transfer that information to our customers insuring that they leave with the best understanding of archery possible. On the outside I may seem young, but my years of dedication and persistence in the sport place me far beyond my years. There are not many better feelings than that of your first harvest or medal in your hand, and I plan on helping you achieve that best I can.

Mike Downing

Bow Technician

Retired US Army SSG. After being wounded in Afghanistan in 2008 I was looking for an outlet when I got home from WRAMC that outlet was hunting. I love using my mission crossbow while in the woods. I recently got back into riding motorcycles as well.

Jake Vallee

Bow Technician

My Grandfather is an avid outdoorsman and sparked my interest in fishing and hunting at a young age. He gave me my first bow at the ripe old age of 4. By the time I was 11, I began making regular trips to REEDY’S to practice and work on my form. A year later I was following my grandfather into the woods to hunt from our 2 man ladder stand. At 15 I harvested my first deer with a bow and my passion for the sport exploded. I joined the REEDY’S staff the summer I turned 16, absorbing everything I could about archery. Working here gives me the fantastic opportunity to learn as much as I can about the sport and share that knowledge with others. From beginners to seasoned archers, everyone at REEDY’S is treated like family and I’m proud to be part of that.

Age: 17
Bow:  Mathews Halon 32 “6”. (Sitka Elevated ll) 
Sight: EAP Sniper
Stabilizer: B. Stinger w/back bar
Release: Trubal Fang 4
Arrows: Easton Axis

Joe Gray

Bow Technician

I have worked at Reedy’s almost 4 years. I enjoy anything outdoors, camping, and fishing from spring to fall and hunting from fall to winter. I’ve hunted in Illinois, Nebraska and Canada. I got my first compound bow when I was 17 and have loved it since.

Bow: Hoyt Carbon Defiant
Sight: CBE 3 Pin Tek Hybrid Pro
Stabilizer: 10″ Bee Stinger w/8″ backbar
Release: Scott Mongoose
Arrows: Goldtip Pierce Platinum


Bow Technician

My I’m Connor I’ve been shooting and coming into reedy’s for most of my life. I got into archery at a very young age when my family signed me up for the JOAD lessons at the old shop down town. My father uncles and cousins started bringing me hunting as soon as they could and I haven’t stopped since. The 2017 deer season will be my 3rd season at Reedys.

Bow:  Mathews Halon 32 
Rest: QAD Mathews drop away rest
Sight: Extreme 5 pin sight,
Stabilizer: Bee Stinger
Arrows: Easton FMJ injection